Conditioning is a post shampoo procedure that softens, smoothens and detangles your hair. Conditioners are the back bones of natural hair care routine. They replenish your hair’s moisture, nourish and protect your hair, and treat dryness and damage. Regular conditioning is fundamental for the healthy growth and maintenance of your hair.

It is recommended that you condition your hair every time you shampoo, and co-wash (wash with cleansing conditioners) in between washdays. This helps your hair to retain its moisture back and makes it easy for combing and styling. Hair care experts recommend that you condition your hair more at the ends than closer to the scalp. Hair closer to the scalp is new and healthy, while at the ends, it is older and needs extra moisture to be healthy and beautiful.

Our collections here are conditioners that are loved by many naturalists and black girls out there. Try out a few of the different conditioners and when you find a conditioner that works best for your hair, stick with it.