How To Avoid Being A Product Junkie?

Trying out everything on the market is one of the temptations you face when you become a natural hair newbie. The natural hair market is filled with endless product choices that can madden a beginner.

Going natural is a journey, a trial and error which may lead you to becoming a product junkie (PJ). The search for the ‘perfect product’ seems never ending. It seems like something new hits the market, or YouTube, or blog, you have to try it if it works for your hair.

Being a Product junkie is expected if you are a natural hair beginner as you may need to check out products till you find what works best for your hair. But it a costly habit/hobby if you don’t stop it somewhere. Even though most naturals stop when they find what works, a PJ is always on search for the ‘perfect’ if there is any.

How Do You Know You are a Product Junkie?

A product Junkie is a person who is in continuous search for that magical ‘perfect product’ that do wonders on their hair. Any naturalista can get trapped into this habit; however mostly it is a situation you see when you are starting out your natural hair journey.  

You may be a product junkie if

  1. You have countless bottles and jars of products in your bathroom counter, drawer, wall space, etc. that you have barely used or even never opened.
  2. You have a long list of products on your wish list.
  3. You spend the majority of your day shopping for products, thinking and analyzing about your hair and the products you are going to buy or apply.
  4. You have overdrawn checking account or in debt routine due to your product purchases.
  5. A significant amount of your Internet/YouTube browsing is of products.
  6. You end up buying products whenever you run into Target while all you needed was a single toothpaste or something else.

It is wise to seek for solution before you fall into the product junkie trap.

How to Stop Being a Product Junkie?

Being a PJ is an addiction. You need to work on yourself to get out of it. It is an expensive routine that bankrupt your account and leads you to debt. You may also experience feelings of guilt and may find yourself in depression. On top of that trying multiple products on your hair may result in the opposite result instead of the miracles you are desperate to witness.

1.  Are you ready to be changed?

That is the very first question you need to answer if you need to be changed? If you are willing to change your habits, you will. If you are enjoying being PJ, have fun. Just play it smart to reduce the financial consequences (Look for sales, coupons, reach out for companies to review products etc.)  

Try to keep it under control. Don’t make the love of it control your life. Keep it at a hobby level not at habit level.

2. God is your helper. He will help you endure the temptation.

No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.

1 Corinthians 10:13

You can do everything through God. There is nothing impossible with him. And he will help you if you let him. He will help you by letting you endure the temptation. Pray before you go to the supermarket. Ask for his help.

3. Understand you are unique and your hair too

If some product works for someone’s hair that may be similar to your hair type, it doesn’t mean it works for you too. You are unique and your hair too. It is okay if you try out some products. But don’t think every product mentioned by your favourite YouTuber or blogger works for you.

4.  Before buying a product, do a good plan

Before going to the shop, make the list of products you want to buy. Do a good research about each of them. You may have a list of 10 great shampoos on your list. Narrow the list to the best 5 then 3 then 1. Try your first choice. If it works, stick to it. If it doesn’t, try the second or the third.

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