Brazilian Laser Hair Removal – 9 Things You Should Know

In the past couple of decades, Brazilian laser hair removal becomes popular among many women for its permanent hair removal from the pubic area. Instead of waxing and dealing with razors that cost you time and money for temporary solutions, the Brazilian has effective and permanent results.

The following are a couple of things you should know before having one.

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Laser Hair Removal – What You Need to Know Before You Sign Up

1. What is Brazilian Laser hair removal?

A Brazilian simply is the entire pubic region; the vulva, perineum, and anus. After Brazilian hair removal, you will have absolutely no hair in your pubic region and you will be smooth just like a baby. Once the hair is gone, it’s as if it wasn’t there from the beginning.

However, in some cases, if you don’t want to go completely bare, you might choose to have some hair left in any design you wish.

2. Why Brazilian?

Brazilian hair removal is becoming trendiest among many, especially women. Aesthetics is the major reason why people choose Brazilian. Enjoying a clean feeling every single day and saving time every morning are the key reasons why people choose Brazilian laser hair removal. Some also say they enjoy intimate activities better. 

3.  How it is done?

Brazilian hair removal is quite a personal experience as you need to make your pubic region open to the technician.  The technician may position you on your side or back with your legs open. This is not really the time to be shy. It is best to schedule your treatment while you are not in your menstruation period and you need to wash the area before the treatment.

The hair in your pubic region is coarser than other areas of your body. Thus, you may require 6 to 9 treatments scheduled one to two weeks apart for best results.

You may experience temporary redness, swelling, minor burns or scabs depending on the intensity of the laser. To minimize all these risks it is recommended that you choose a skilled technician.

4. Brazilian wax OR Brazilian laser Hair Removal?

The Brazilian wax was first introduced in New York back in the late 1980s. Brazilian wax treatment is performed for 20 to 30 minutes depending on the hair type.

Regular waxing treatments scheduled every 4 weeks reduce the amount of hair growth and the hair will become sparser and finer over time. A first-time Brazilian wax can be a little uncomfortable but as the treatments go on the discomfort decreases significantly. 

Choosing between a Brazilian wax and Brazilian laser hair removal depends on your specific needs. People prefer waxing because it is cheaper than laser hair removal. Some try Brazilian waxing before deciding on Brazilian laser hair removal. For permanent results, Brazilian hair removal is the best option.

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5. Brazilian Laser Hair removal for men

Even though mostly women are the ones who get Brazilian hair removal, it is also becoming trendy among men as well. The genital area might not be one of the primary areas that men treat with laser. However, most men get it done for its effectiveness and permanent results. Some say they do it to spice up their sex life. 

6. How much does it cost?

The cost of Brazilian laser hair removal depends upon the area you live in. Prices may range from $250 to $750 depending on the area treated (front area or full front and back area).

7. Is it painful?

Laser hair removal in general is less painful, so does Brazilian hair removal. You may feel a slight bearable pinch.  Anything more than that is not normal and you should notify your technician so that he/she can adjust the laser settings. The pain decreases session after session as the hair becomes finer and lighter as treatments go further and your body gets accustomed to the feeling through time.

8. Brazilian or Bikini Line?

In most laser clinics, the Bikini Line laser hair removal covers 2-3 inches outside of the bikini line. It does not include the hair inside the bikini line. This is where exactly a bathing suit or a bikini line would hit.

The Brazilian, whereas, covers outside and inside of the Bikini line, and the labia, which is the entire front area. Some clinics offer what they call Full Brazilian which covers the entire front and back area.   

If you want to be completely bare just like you were born, you can go for the Brazilian. If you want some hair left the Bikini line may suit you.

9. Who is it for?

Brazilian laser hair removal is for those men and women who need no pubic hair whatsoever or only a little hair in designs they desire. If you want to kiss goodbye to shaving and waxing and save quite an amount of time, Brazilian laser hair removal is just what you need. 

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