Best Oils for Low Porosity Hair – Light & Penetrating Oils for Moisturizing, Styling & Hair Growth

If your hair is coily, dense and on the lower side of the porosity level, it means that your cuticles are tightly packed and need more time to absorb moisture and oil.

This might lead to creating build-ups and residues if the appropriate oils for your hair type are not applied; as the oils might sit on top of the hair rather than being absorbed into the hair.

Before choosing the right oils for low-porosity hair, you have to first understand its characteristics.

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Characteristics of Low Porosity Hair

To maintain your hair healthy and strong, you need to do research to better understand its characteristics.

Porosity refers to hair’s ability to retain and absorb moisture, water, and oils. If your hair’s porosity is at the lower end of the porosity scale, it means it doesn’t retain moisture easily, and if it is on the high end otherwise, it can easily absorb oils and water.

Low porosity hair has characteristics that are unique to its type;

  • Tightly packed cuticles: – The cuticle is the outermost cover/layer of hair. The cuticles of low-porosity hair are tightly overlapped and packed together making it hard for water and moisture to be absorbed into the hair shaft.
  • Products sit on the top of the hair instead of being retained or absorbed: – When you apply oils, conditioners, or moisturizers to your hair, you might see the products sit on the top surface of your hair rather than being absorbed. It will take longer for the moisturizers or oils to get retained in your hair.
  • Getting your hair wet takes longer: – Washing low-porosity hair takes longer as it might need a long time for the water to penetrate the hair cuticles.

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The Best Oils for Low Porosity Hair

Since low porosity hair has difficulties in retaining oils, and as this creates residue, the best oils to use are light oils that can be easily absorbed into your hair and don’t create build-ups sitting on the top surface of the hair. You can use light oils for pre-pooing, hair masks, steaming, styling, or moisturizing with LOC or LCO.  They also promote hair growth.

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Heavy oils are not easily absorbed and may create build-ups; however, you might apply them to lock in moisture after you are done with styling.

It is also a good idea to mix different oils and make your own recipe that works best for your hair.

We have listed here light oils that you can use for daily moisturizing;

1. Grapeseed oil

Grapeseed oil is light, non-greasy, and penetrating oil that can be applied on low porosity hair.  It strengthens, adds moisture, and shine to your hair without leaving residue. It also protects and shields your hair from sunlight damage.

Grapeseed oil is rich in vitamin E and fatty acid. It is often used as a heat protectant before heat styling or blow-drying. The oil is odorless and if you tend to avoid smells on oils, it is a great option.

Sky Organics Grapeseed Oil

Sky Organics grapeseed oil is 100% pure, natural, and cold-pressed. It is a lightweight and nongreasy oil that penetrates your hair to effectively moisturize and nourish it. The oil is a multipurpose beauty oil that you can apply to your skin, face, and body.

2. Argan Oil

Argan oil is a natural moisturizer that hydrates, strengthens, and adds shine and softness to your hair. It is a light and penetrating oil that doesn’t leave residue behind. It also treats and hydrates your scalp. The vitamin E and fatty acids in argan oil protect your hair from damage and keeps it healthy and moisturized every time.

Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil

Josie Maran is 100% pure, organic, natural Moroccan argan oil. It is a lightweight oil that you can use for daily moisturizing and hydration. It restores hair damage, breakage, and split ends. The oil can also be used as a daily skin moisturizer.

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3. Baobab oil

Baobab oil is Africa’s gift of hair nourishment and moisture. It is packed with the best essential hair nutrition; vitamin E, A & D, and omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids.  The minerals and vitamins in the oil maintain healthy hair and promote hair growth. It is an ultra-light and moisturizing oil that fights and eliminates dryness, dandruff, damage, and split ends.

Baobab oil is a great moisturizer and extremely nourishing oil that makes it an ideal choice for low porosity hair as it tends to be prone to dryness and breakage.

Renewalize Organic Baobab Oil 

Renewalize is 100% pure, unrefined, and cold-pressed Baobab oil, extracted from the seeds of the fruit of the Baobab tree in Africa. It restores dry and dull hair, moisturizes and nourishes scalp and hair, and treats dandruff and itchy scalp. Keep it refrigerated and use it for up to two years.

4. Jojoba oil

Rich in fatty acids, Jojoba oil is a lightweight natural hair moisturizer. It is the safest oil to apply to your hair as it contains very similar minerals to hair’s natural oils. Jojoba oil is loved and used by many naturals out there as it is highly moisturizing and can penetrate into hair easily.

Cliganic Organic Jojoba Oil

Cliganic is 100% pure, unrefined, and cold-pressed jojoba oil. It is a lightweight, gentle, and penetrating oil to treat dry hair. The oil is also a treatment for dry skin and scalp.

5. Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet Almond oil is a highly nourishing oil that contains Vitamin E & A, potassium, zinc, and proteins. It is a light and penetrating oil that is great for moisturizing low porosity hair. The oil is also a natural antioxidant that cleans build-ups and residues from hair and keeps it fresh and healthy. Some naturals use Sweet Almond oil for winter simple wash and go as it keeps hair moisturized, hydrated, and nourished the whole day.

Pure Body Naturals Sweet Almond Oil

Pure Body Naturals is 100% pure, organic, and cold-pressed Sweet Almond oil. It is a moisturizing and nourishing oil for hair, face, and body. It is lightweight, nongreasy, and chemical-free that can be easily absorbed by hair. The oil is an effective treatment for dry and itchy scalp and hair. Through regular use, your hair becomes strong, thick, and healthy. 

6. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the lightest oils that penetrate your hair shaft super easily. It is rich in fatty acids to moisturize and nourish your hair. Coconut oil is common and widely used oil among the natural hair community.

OGX Coconut Miracle Oil 

OGX is a mix of coconut and argan oil that repairs and strengthens dry and damaged hair. It is a lightweight treatment oil ideal for medium to low porosity hair textures. It is an extra hydrating and moisturizing oil that deeply nourishes your hair. 

7. Sunflower Seed Oil

Rich in Vitamin A & E, fatty acids, and antioxidant vitamins, sunflower oil is a natural hair conditioner that replenishes dry damaged hair. It is a lightweight and absorbable oil that moisturizes and promotes hair growth. It heals dry and itchy scalp, restores damaged hair, and prevents split ends and hair breakage.

Life-Flo Pure Sunflower Oil

Life-Flo is pure, organic, and cold-pressed sunflower oil that adds moisture and softness for dry brittle hair. It is also a remedy for dry and itchy scalp. It is multipurpose oil for hydrating skin, face, and body.

Also, Check out these light and penetrating oils that are perfect for moisturizing, pre-pooing, and styling low porosity hair. They are 100% pure, cold-pressed, and multi-purpose daily moisturizers for skin, body, and hair.

Final Verdict

Natural hair is a journey, a process, and a trial and error. It is a journey of learning about your hair, what works best for it, and sticking with the best products. You can try out those light oils to moisturize your hair and write down what works best for your hair.

If two or more oils seem to work well for your hair, try blending them and make your own recipe that you can use always. 

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