5 Best Hair Steamers 2023 – Reviews, Tips, and DIY Hair Masks

Hair steamers add moisture to your hair by allowing conditioners and treatments to penetrate the hair strands. Even though all hair types; fine, coarse or thin hair can benefit from hair steamers, they usually are fixes for dry, damaged or color-treated hair. They also encourage blood circulation which results in healthy hair growth.

A steam treatment is recommended for all hair types to hydrate and build up the moisture of the hair. Weekly hair steaming should be included in your hair care routine; and here is a list of top of the line hair steamers to put your hands on the best hair steamer for your hair type.

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1. Secura S-192 Hair and Facial Steamer

Secura S-192 is a combination of facial and hair steamer. It is a portable and effective tabletop steamer suitable for home use. The steamer has two switches; the first to switch the steamer on and off, and the other to control the ozone output. The ozone switch generates negatively charged oxygen to help prevent dandruff and itchiness. The steamer generates ultra-fine mist that penetrates your hair and skin easily and quickly to moisturize and hydrate your hair by absorbing the conditioners or treatments to the strands.

It only takes five minutes to get the steamer ready for use. You will get 20 minutes of steaming time with a full tank of water, and the steamer will shut off automatically when the water quantity reaches low levels.

You can change the steamer to a fully functional tabletop facial steamer by clipping the facial steamer attachment in the place of the hood. The facial steamer cleans your pores from dirt and oil residues.  

2. Kingsteam Facial and Hair Steamer

Kingsteam is a tabletop hair and facial steamer. It uses an advanced PTC ceramic heating element to produce thick mist and strong steam that penetrates deeply into your hair and skin. If your hair is damaged, Kingsteam is the steamer you should go for as it provides your hair the valuable nutrients it needs to recover. It is a device that works best for deep treatment which is required to treat damaged or broken hair.

The steamer has an automatic shut off function that turns off the unit automatically when the water level is very low. It has come up with a facial attachment that provides you spa-like facial treatment. In just five minutes the steamer will be ready for use, and by adjusting the angle of the sprayer to whatever degree you need, steam your face for 10-15 minutes and you will enjoy a clean face free from dirt or oil residues.   

3. KINGDOMCARES 3-in-1 Hair and Facial Steamer

Kingdomcares is a 3 in 1 multifunctional steamer that generates fine mist for facial and hair steaming and interior humidifying. The hood is larger than other steamers on the market and steams all your hair at the same time. The steamer is preferable if you have long and dense hair.  It effectively moisturizes, hydrates and repairs damaged hair preventing breakage and split through improved deep absorption of conditioners and treatments. It is easy to operate and convenient to use.

The facial steamer cleans dirt and oil residues from your skin through a nano steamer technology that provides steams 10x more effective in penetrating your skin. It is easily adjustable to your preferred angle.

4. SUPER DEAL PRO 3 in 1 Hair and Facial Steamer

Super Deal Pro is another 3 in 1 multifunctional tabletop hair and facial steamer and a powerful interior humidifier. It features ozone function to increase vapor quantity and prevent dandruff and itchiness. It effectively moisturizes and hydrates your hair through the absorption of deep conditioning treatments and opens up the pores of your skin by removing dead skin, makeup, and dirt remnant. The steamer provides salon-grade professional results with your hair and facial steaming routines.

5. Red by Kiss 2-in-1 Hair & Facial Steamer

Red by Kiss or Red Pro is a multipurpose facial and hair steamer. It has a better length of water container than other steamers on the market which makes it retain more moisture. The hood features increased elasticity to retain more mist. The steamer has two switches to turn the steamer on and off and control the ozone function. It will be ready for use in 3 to 5 minutes.

The steamer has come up with facial steamer attachment to steam your face and get the toxins out of your skin and let you enjoy cleansed and purified skin in just 15 to 20 minutes.

We also found these multipurpose facial and hair steamers among the best on the market. They are of professional quality and built with state of the art steaming technology. Each of them are conveniently built for home use.

How to Put Your Hands on the Best Hair Steamer – Buying Guide

Hair dryness and damage are the problems of many women. Hair steamers have been the solution for dryness and damage as they are able to moisturize and hydrate hair through deep penetration and absorption of conditioning treatments to the hair strands. Through once in two weeks of hair steaming, you will see damaged and dry hair recover itself and gain a healthier look. 

There are many brands of home hair steamers. Most of them are tabletop and portable and come up with facial steamer attachments. Being all brands claiming they are the best, it might be a challenge putting your hands on the best hair steamer for your hair type. You might need to consider the following points before you buy a hair steamer.  

Go for tabletop steamers

There are two types of home hair steamers; tabletop and handheld. Tabletop steamers are compact and portable models with a hood attachment and a sturdy base that you can put on a table while the handheld models seem like a hairbrush and let you brush and steam your hair simultaneously. For home use, Tabletop steamers are preferable over handheld steamers as they can give steam treatment for all of your hair at the same time. Most top of the line tabletop steamers are multipurpose steamers that can be used for facial and hair steaming. Handheld steamers are preferable if you travel frequently.

Multifunctional hair steamers

Top of the line steamers have come up with different functions and attachments. Besides the steam on/off switches, they feature ozone function to ensure there is enough supply of oxygen and prevent your hair from dandruff and itchiness. They also have venting holes to cool down the steamer and automatic shut off feature that shuts off the device when the water level drops significantly. With regards to attachments, they have come up with a face steamer which makes the unit a two in one device.

Go for Steamers with large hood and water tank

If your preference is a hooded steamer, go for a steamer with a large hood to ensure that you cover all the edges of your hair. A large water tank reserves enough water for your steaming sessions so that you won’t have frequent interruptions during the process.

A Timer is an important feature

A steamer with a timer and automatic shut off function saves you from overheating and hair damage. It lets you relax and enjoy your steaming session without a need to check the water level every minute. 

How to Use a Hair Steamer? – Home hair steaming procedures

Steaming can reinvent your hair. It makes it soft, smooth and shiny through hydrating and moisturizing it. You can carry out your steam treatment in a professional hair salon or at your home. If you follow the right procedures, you will get the best out of your steamer. It is pretty simple.

1. Prepare your hair

Before using a steamer you need to wash your hair and apply a conditioner, treatment, or oil generously into your hair. The main benefit of a steamer is deep conditioning your hair by allowing the conditioner or oil to penetrate the hair strand as deep as possible. Apply an even coat of the conditioner or oil down to the roots of your hair.

Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask and Deep Conditioner for Dry or Damaged Hair

This Argan Oil made deep conditioner is rich in vitamins and nutrients that are essential for repairing dry and damaged hair. The conditioner is effective on all hair types whether it is natural, curly or permed hair. It transforms the texture of your hair making it soft and silky. It nourishes and hydrates your hair giving it a shiny finish.

2. Make the water tank full and turn on the steamer

Fill the water tank with distilled or bottled water and make it full. Distilled water makes your steamer last longer and helps it generate thick steam. Then turn on the steamer. After 2 to 5 minutes, the steamer will be ready for use.  

3. Place a cotton strip around your hairline and wrap a towel on your neck.

To protect your face from burning, place a cotton strip around your hairline, and wrap a towel on your shoulders to prevent the hot water drips burn your neck and shoulders.

4. Sit underneath the steamer

For the next 15 to 20 minutes sit underneath the steamer. This gives your hair enough time to get all the nutrients from the oil or conditioner.

5. Wash your hair with cold water

Once you are done with your procedure, wash your hair with cold water and enjoy smooth and shiny hair.

Benefits of Steaming Your Hair

Steamers can do miracles for dry or damaged hair. Let’s explore a few major benefits you get from steaming your hair.

Hydrates and moisturizes your hair

The main benefit of hair steaming is hydrating and moisturizing your hair. It is a tool that restores the beauty and health of your hair by making conditioners and treatments deeply penetrate each hair strand. This process makes your hair soft and sleek and prevents breakage and split ends.

Makes beautiful curls

Steaming moisturizes your hair, and this, as a result, increases the elasticity of your hair making your curls bend without breakage. It also makes your curls manageable by adding moisture and softening them.  

Encourages blood circulation to the scalp

The moist heat of steamers encourages blood circulation of the scalp and this will help repair damaged hair. It also encourages healthy growth of your hair. Steaming also cleans the scalp making any hair styling much easier.

Dry, damaged or color-treated hair benefits more from steaming

Even though all hair types benefit from steaming, dry, damaged or color-treated hair benefit more from steamers as they hydrate and moisturize hair which helps it restore its healthy look back again. Moisture thirsty hair retains a soft and glossy look, and its elasticity will improve over time.

6 DIY Hair Steaming Tips

  • Steaming your hair once a week is the recommended dose to add extra hydration and moisture. If you are regularly using straighteners or curlers, or your hair is damaged or color-treated, regular steaming is necessary as it helps your hair retain its natural moisture. The new technology steam straighteners save your hair moisture and use steam to straighten your hair. You should use them if you are regularly straightening your hair.  
  • Apply a generous amount of conditioner or treatment to your hair to get the best out of your steaming session. Other than deep conditioners, you can use natural hair treatments such as avocado, eggs, and mayonnaise for your steam treatments. Egg yolk is rich in protein and it is hair superfood due to the unique mix of vitamins it contains. Avocado also is loaded with essential vitamins and protein that help transform damaged hair to its natural beauty.
  • Stay under the steamer for 20-30 minutes in every session. This guarantees maximum hydration and absorption of the conditioner to each hair strand.
  • Make sure all your hair is covered by the steamer. If your steamer has a smaller hood, you might need to clip your hair.
  • Rinse your hair with cold water to seal the conditioner inside the hair shaft. Cold water seals the conditioner or treatment better than warm water.
  • Do not overdue steaming. Too much steaming may cause over-moisturizing which can lead to weak hair and breakage. Once in a week steaming should be enough, and anything frequent than that is overdoing it.

DIY Home Made Avocado and Egg Hair Mask To Apply To Your Hair During Your Steaming Session

Our hair goes through a lot given the diverse hair products and chemicals we apply to it. Dryness and damage are common hair issues for lots of women out there. While getting different hair treatments seems like the solution for the problem, there are also natural and homemade options to repair damaged, broken, or dry hair. Applying homemade hair treatments during your steaming session not only restores the natural beauty of your hair but also makes the process chemical-free and long-lasting.

Avocado is one of hair superfoods that is rich in Vitamin B and E. It has natural moisturizing and conditioning ingredients to moisturize your hair locks and revitalize your hair and make it soft, silky, and shiny.  

Egg is another hair food rich in proteins. The yolk contains a high level of fats and proteins, while the white cleans oil residues from hair and scalp.

Cut the avocado into two, remove the seed and scoop out the flesh of the avocado. Add the full egg to the avocado if your hair is normal. If your hair is oily add only the white and if your hair is broken or damaged add only the yolk. Finally, blend the mixture, and apply generously to your hair and scalp. Then begin your steaming session.

Other DIY Home Made Hair Masks

  • A mix of Coconut oil and honey is a great hair mask to repair damaged hair. Coconut oil keeps your hair soft and smooth. It penetrates your hair deeper than conditioners. Honey protects your hair from dryness and breakage. Mix both ingredients in a bowl and heat up until the mixture is melted. Apply to your hair sit under your hair steamer for 15-20 minutes.
  • Butter treats dry and damaged hair. It repairs its natural moisture and makes it shiny and smooth. Apply a generous amount of butter to your hair and massage it. Cover your hair with a shower cap and begin your steaming session.
  • Olive oil is a well known natural remedy for damaged, broken, or dry hair. Apply a good amount of olive oil to your hair, rub it well into your hair, and then start your steaming session. 


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