5 Best Hair Removal Creams for Private Parts -Reviews, How To Use, and Health Tips

The skin on our private part is delicate and when it comes to pubic hair removal you should be careful which method you should use. Although it is a personal choice to completely remove your pubic hair or stylize or leave it as it is, you should take proper care for whichever hair removal method you use.

Hair removal creams work by dissolving the hair at the skin. They are totally painless, irritation, and burn free. With just simply applying the cream to your skin, waiting for a couple of minutes, and wiping it off, you will achieve smooth skin in a few minutes. You do have plenty of cream options on the market each with different recipes. Even though creams are generally safe to use, some may hold ingredients that can cause allergic reactions.

Most creams are made to remove hair from all parts of the body; legs, armpits, and private parts. Only facial creams are formulated differently, as the skin on our face is super sensitive and delicate, and requires a unique formula. We have researched and reviewed top of the line hair removal creams that could fit your needs. We focused on product quality, popularity, and customer ratings and reviews. There might not be the best cream for everyone, but these 5 hair removal creams are best sellers and top-rated and loved by many users out there.

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1. Veet Hair Removal Cream

Veet hair removal cream is formulated from aloe vera, a natural moisturizer that softens your skin, and Vitamin E that protects your skin from cell damage. It is a sensitive formula specially formulated for applying on sensitive skin. It removes hair from your private parts or any part of your body, by penetrating to your skin and dissolving the hair closer to the root. Veet is vanilla and passion fruit-scented for delightful fragrance.

The application of the cream is straightforward. Apply a thick even layer of Veet cream by the spatula to your skin, wait for five minutes or 10 minutes if your hair is stubborn, and use the narrower end of the spatula if you are removing hair from your private parts and the wider end if you are removing hair from larger parts of your body.  Finally, rinse your skin with water and dry up. Then, enjoy smooth and silky skin while maintaining it healthy and moisturized.   

2. Neomen Hair Removal Cream

Neomen hair removal cream is formulated from aloe vera, Vitamin E, and baby oil to moisturize your skin after hair removal. It is a cream that removes hair close to the root and delivers better results than shaving. It is suitable for sensitive and delicate parts of your body such as private parts and armpits, and the whole part of your body. Applying it to your face is not recommended.  It is a painless, irritation, or burn free hair removal cream loved by hundreds of users on Amazon. Do an allergy test on your hands before you apply Neomen cream to remove hair from your private parts. If your skin is irritated or inflamed, do not use it.

3. PTKOONN Hair Removal Cream

PTKOONN is a thick hair removal cream formulated to remove hair from delicate areas like the bikini area. If you have dense hair on your pubic area or any part of your body the PTKOON is for you. It completely removes hair in 5 to 10 minutes and it is painless and soft on the skin. It removes hair closer to the roots and keeps your skin hydrated after hair removal. With simple apply, wait and wipe off technique, you will enjoy silky smooth skin in a couple of minutes. It comes with a spatula for easy application and removal since the cream is thick and difficult to scrape off with a washcloth alone. 

4.  Nair Hair Remover Cocoa Butter Hair Removal Lotion

The #1 Hair Removal Brand Nair has brought Cocoa Butter scented and Vitamin E infused hair removal cream to delicately remove hair from your body. The Cocoa butter in Nair nourishes and moisturizes your skin after hair removal. With just 5 to 10 minutes you will have smooth skin on your private parts or any part of your body. To groom yourself down there, apply a thick even layer of Nair without rubbing your skin, after 5 minutes wipe off the cream with a wet washcloth and take a bath or rinse your skin with warm water. 

5. GiGi Hair Removal Lotion

Made in the USA, Gigi Hair removal cream is enriched with cocoa butter, Vitamins C and E and natural oils that moisturize and keep your skin healthy after the hair removal process. The cucumber and aloe vera it contains makes it gentle on your skin and calms it during hair removal. The cream works on all hair and skin types and on any part of the body. Without pain, irritation or burns enjoy silky smooth skin within five to ten minutes.

Check also these top of the line whole body hair removal creams. All are formulated to remove hair from sensitive skin. They are painless, nourishing, and effective for removing hair from your bikini line.

Hair Removal Creams For Private Parts Buying Guide

Using hair removal creams to remove hair from private parts is painless and irritation-free. It is also much less costly than other hair removal methods such as waxing, epilation, or laser treatments. The ingredients in creams dissolve hair so that it will be wiped away simply. The skin on your private parts is delicate and you should be careful when choosing a cream to remove hair from your bikini area.

Know your skin and hair type

There are lots of brands of creams in the market each of them with different formulas. Before buying a hair removal cream, know your skin’s sensitivity level and your hair’s thickness. If you have sensitive skin, buy the sensitive formula creams with additional moisturizing ingredients.

Choose the right hair removal cream that suits you  

There is no one size fits all for creams since we all have different skin and hair types. Look at the ingredients of the cream to check if you are allergic to any of them. It is recommended to ask your Doctor for advice before buying. Hair removal creams with more natural ingredients and scents are the ones you should go for, given you don’t have allergies to any of them.  

Go for sensitive formula creams to use on your private parts

Most hair removal creams are formulated to use for whole body hair removal except the facial creams. The skin on the genital area is more sensitive than the skin on other parts of our body. Since it is difficult to find a cream that is specifically formulated for use on private parts, go for the sensitive formula creams that cater to sensitive skin and have additional moisturizing ingredients like aloe Vera, cocoa butter or Vitamin E.

If you have a skin condition, consult your Doctor

If you have a skin condition like eczema, consult your Doctor before buying a cream. If you also have very sensitive skin or known allergies ask your Doctor’s advice before deciding on a cream. 

How to use hair removal creams on your private parts

All creams come with application instructions. Pubic hair removal is a careful experiment that requires following the right procedures.

1.  Clean up your private area before the treatment

Our private parts are sensitive to bacterial infections. Clean up the area with warm water before the treatment. This helps to reduce infections, soften the hairs, and make the cream work effectively. Exfoliating your skin is also advisable since it helps to remove dead skin cells and makes the hair removal process easier.

2. Trim your hair to the right length

Whether you want to stylize your pubic hair with a triangular or heart shape, or go completely bare with Brazilian, trim it to the right length with a bikini trimmer or an electric shaver before applying the cream. It takes a long time and can be harmful to remove long and thick hair with creams. It is recommended to use creams on 0.5 inches or shorter hairs.  

Schick Hydro Silk Bikini Trimmer and Razor

Being Amazon’s bestseller in women’s bikini trimmers, the Schick Hydro Silk Bikini trimmer is the best tool in the market to trim your bikini hair to the right length before applying a cream. It is a bikini trimmer at one end and a shaver at the other. It has an adjustable comb with four different lengths to trim your pubic hair to your desired length. 

Panasonic ES2207P Electric Shaver for Women

Amazon’s number one bestseller in women’s foil shaver, Panasonic ES2207P is another option to trim your pubic hair to the right length. It is an all-in-one electric shaver that you can use on any part of your body including your bikini area. It has a pop-up trimmer to trim hair on your private parts.

3. Test the cream by applying a little bit on your hands

Before applying the cream to your private parts, test it by applying a little bit on your hands, and then wait for a few minutes. Watch your skin reaction for any irritation or redness. If everything seems to be going okay, you can start using the cream on your bikini area or any part of your body. If there is no reaction after 24 hours of use, it is safe to continue to use the cream. It is advisable to do an allergy test every time you use the cream since our hormone levels are changing every day and that changes our skin’s sensitivity to some degree.

4. Apply the cream

Apply a thin layer of the cream evenly on your skin with a spatula (if there is one in the package) or spread it with your fingertips. Watch out not to apply the cream to the vaginal opening. If any cream gets inside the vaginal canal, rinse with lots of water immediately.  

5.  Leave the cream for 3 to 10 minutes depending on the instructions

Most creams recommend waiting for 5 to 10 minutes after applying a layer on your skin. Do not exceed the 10 minutes margin of application time as it could result in skin irritation or infection.

6. Remove the cream with a spatula or washcloth

To remove the cream, first, remove hair from a small test area, and if the hair is completely removed, continue to remove it from the whole area with the spatula or the recommended tool or washcloth. Read and follow the instructions carefully to effectively remove the cream from your skin. Wipe smoothly while removing hair, don’t rub and rinse your skin with water.

7. Let your skin rest for a couple of minutes after you are all done

Rest and breathe your skin for a little while after you are done with the whole process of hair removal and don’t apply moisturizing lotions as most creams contain moisturizing ingredients.

Health Tips on Using Hair Removal Creams on Private Parts

It might be an important concern for you to keep everything healthy while using hair removal creams on your private parts, since the skin down there is super delicate and prone to infections. A minor mistake may lead to skin damage, irritation or infection. The following tips might help you to keep the removal process healthy and normal.   

Before applying a hair removal cream to your private parts, examine your skin for any cuts or scars.

Our genital area is prone to infections and if a cream is applied on a cut or scar, it might develop infections, rashes or burns. Wait till the area is completely healed before applying if you have scars or cuts no matter how small.

Watch out for the vaginal opening while applying the cream

Avoid applying hair removal cream closer to or inside the vaginal opening. This can cause an allergic reaction or skin damage. Apply only outside the labia or strictly follow the bikini line. If any cream gets to the vaginal opening, rinse with water immediately and consult your Doctor if you feel burnt or irritated.

It is normal if your skin feels a little itchy after hair removal

Just don’t rub or scratch if you feel a little bit itchy or red after using a cream. Rest your skin for a couple of minutes and it will get back to normal.

Taking a warm bath makes the hair removal process easier

Warm water makes your hair softer and opens up the hair follicles. This makes the hair removal process easier and effective. It is recommended to do the process at the end of your bath or shower routine. But check if the cream you use it waterproof as some creams are only for dry use.

Use only the spatula to apply the cream

The spatula is the right tool to apply a cream on your skin. It is hygienic and free from hand contact which reduces the risk of infections. If a spatula is not provided, use your fingertips to apply the cream but wash your hands thoroughly with soap before and after applying the cream.

Do not apply moisturizers for the next 24 hours

Let your skin free of lotions, creams, or soaps for at least a day after the treatment. All hair removal creams have moisturizing ingredients that last for 24 hours.

Do not exceed 10 minutes of application time

Most creams recommend leaving the cream for 3 to 10 minutes after applying it on your skin. Exceeding the 10 minutes margin harms your skin and can cause infection.

Pubic Hair Styles For Women

In order to groom yourself down there, and make your bikini bathing suit ready, there are some common and popular styles you can choose from. With just simple trimming and hair removal you can give lovely shapes to your pubic hair.

1. The Bermuda Triangle /Downward Triangle/

This look is one of the most common and popular shapes many women use to stylize their pubic hair. The shape is easy to do it yourself at home, and keeps your bikini lines clean when wearing bathing suits or panties. Women mostly use it to remove hair that is exposed by a swimsuit. To get your downward triangle, first, trim the hair down to your desired length and remove top and side hairs following your bikini line.   

2. The Brazilian

Simply put, the Brazilian is that you go all bare and clean like a baby. There will not be a single hair in sight. Many women like the Brazilian loving the feeling of being hairless and smooth down there. The Brazilian is simply achieved at home by removing all hair down there with the cream of your choice.

3. The Landing Strip

The Landing Strip is leaving a strip of hair at the center of your bikini. It is also among the most commonly used pubic hairstyles women love. With just trimming your hair to the desired length and removing all side and top hairs following a strip design, you can stylize your pubic hair with the Landing strip shape.

4.  The Bush

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of styling and shaping, you can leave the hair down there just as it is. The bush is leaving your pubic hair natural since it is there for a reason. According to dermatologists, it is probably the healthiest to keep the hair down there just as it is. Do nothing with your bush and you don’t need to deal with ingrown hairs, burns or irritations.

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