10 Best Electric Shavers for Women – Reviews and Tips on How to Use them

We all have different skin and hair. Depending on our skin and hair type, we have different preferences for hair removal. Electric shavers are one of the popular methods of hair removal that many people use for almost a century; since the American manufacturer Col. Jacob Schick patented the first electric shaver in 1930.

Given the many different types of electric shavers out there with wide range of features and prices, it might be hard to tell which one fits your skin best. We have compiled this guide to assist you in finding the best electric shaver for women that fits your specific needs. Our collections are only the best sellers and top-rated that are loved by many customers and users.

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1. Panasonic ES2207P Electric Shaver for Women

Panasonic ES2207P is Amazon’s number one bestseller in women’s foil shavers. It is an all-in-one electric shaver that you can use on any part of your body. It has three high quality, hypoallergenic, and sharp shaving blades, and a thin foil for comfortable and close shaving.

It has a pop-up trimmer to let you trim long and stray hairs on your legs and bikini line. Its three pivoting heads float independently offering you three chances to catch more hairs in a single shot.

Its protective foil prevents skin irritation that makes it best for sensitive skin. It is a wet/dry, 100% waterproof electric shaver that you can use with a foam or gel in the shower or on dry skin.

Panasonic ES2207 is cordless and works with a built-in rechargeable battery that provides 20 minutes of use. The sleek design of the shaver is handy and comfortable to use on your legs, underarm and bikini areas. Its compact size makes it suitable for travel as it easily fits handbags or luggage.  Clean your shaver under running water and use the cleaning brush included in the package to remove stubble or build-up gel or foam.

Items Included

  • The sleek design Panasonic Electric shaver ES 2207P  
  • Compact AC charger to charge your shaver
  • A small cleaning brush to clean peach fuzz and foam or gel residue
  • A travel pouch to hold your shaver while traveling

2. Philips SatinShave Prestige Women’s Electric Shaver, BRL170/50 

The SatinShave Prestige is Philips’s best electric shaver with the most advanced foil shaving system for women. It is the closest and the gentlest shaver ever manufactured by Philips.

Unlike its predecessors with just only a single foil, the SatinShave Prestige features a dual foil shaving head to remove all hair in a single pass and save shaving time substantially.

It is cordless and works with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that you need to charge for only an hour and you will enjoy one hour of cordless use or at least three shaves.

You can use the SatinShave prestige during your shower routine or on dry skin for better comfort.  It has comfort cushions to give you a comfortable shave on sensitive skin and on curvy areas especially. Its s-shaped design is comfortable and light to use on any of your hands.

Items Included

  • The s-shaped and beautifully designed Philips SatinShave Prestige BRL170/50
  • A bikini trimmer head to shave on your bikini area
  • A bikini trimmer comb to trim bikini hair to your desired hair length
  • A travel cap to cover the head of your shaver while traveling
  • Efficiency cap to stretch your skin while shaving
  • A pouch to store or transport your shaver
  • A cleaning brush

3. Philips SatinShave Advanced Women’s Electric Shaver, BRL140/50

Philips’s award winner SatinShave Advanced is designed for use primarily on sensitive skin. You will avoid any risk of irritation or razor burns using it. It is an upgraded version of the SatinShave Essential with some additional features and benefits.

The shaver can be used on legs, underarms, bikini area or wherever you want to remove unwanted hair from your body. Its slim and beautiful s-shaped design makes it easy and comfortable to use with your right or left hand. You can use this shaver in the bath with gel or foam or for dry shaving. It is cordless and works with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that you can use for one hour after 8 hours of charge. It has a super simple and portable design that you can take wherever you travel.

Items Included

  • The s-shaped Philips SatinShave Advanced BRL 140/50
  • A bikini trimmer comb that you attach to the head of the shaver to trim hair to your desired hair length
  • A soft glide cap that you attach at the head of your shaver to cover the back trimmer so that you will have extra comfort and safety while shaving curvy areas
  • An efficiency cap to gently stretch your skin for effective and comfortable shaving
  • A pouch for storing the shaver
  • A cleaning brush

4. Philips SatinShave Essential HP6306/50

Philips SatinShave Essential is a shaver designed primarily for shaving legs. It has a hypoallergenic foil to protect sensitive skin from irritation and burns. You can use the SatinShave Essential in the bath with your favorite foam or gel or for dry shaving. Its ergonomic design makes it comfortable for use and you can take it anywhere with you while traveling. It is a cordless shaver and operates with 2 AA batteries that are included in the package. 

Items Included

  • Philips SatinShave Essential HP6306/50
  • 2 AA batteries to operate your shaver
  • A travel cap that you can use to protect your shaver while traveling or storing
  • A cleaning brush to clean stubble or foam or gel build-up

5. SaikerMan Electric Shaver for Women

The SaikerMan is a new design rotary electric shaver with five 4D (four dimensions) blade heads. It uses a new dynamic flex technology for painless and efficient shaving. It features a handy and simple design to shave hair on any part of your body; underarms, legs, bikini areas, etc. It is a wet or dry shaver that you can use in the shower with gel or foam or for dry shaving. It operates with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which gives you up to 45 minutes of cordless shaving or quick charge it for five minutes for one-time use.

The SaikerMan is easy to use and safe for all skin and hair types. First, trim longer hairs with the hidden trimmer on the top of the shaver as shown in the video, and then shave the rest hairs with the blade-heads. In order to clean the shaver, flip open the five blade-heads and use running water or the small cleaning brush included in the package.

Items Included

  • The Rose Gold SaikerMan women electric shaver
  •  A small cleaning brush

6. Remington WDF5030ACDN Smooth & Silky Electric Shaver for Women 

Remington’s Smooth and Silky shaver uses the smooth glide technology that is an open-blade system that allows hair, gels or foam to pass through the foils of the shaver and reach the cutting blades for an effective and smooth shave.  It is a foil shaver with two foils and dual-sided trimmers giving you close shaving and smooth skin in just a single shoot.

The shaver has an optimum-angled head to reach the contours of your skin for close and efficient shaving. What makes Remington Smooth & Silky unique is that it features Almond oil moisturizer Strip to transfer Almond oil in every pass to nourish and soften your skin during shaving which makes it comfortable especially for sensitive skin. The shaver is cordless and operates with a rechargeable battery. It is waterproof and can be used for both wet and dry use.

Items Included

  • Remington WDF5030ACDN smooth and Silky Electric Shaver
  • A charger stand
  • A bikini comb and head guard to use in the bikini area
  • A storage bag for storing and travel

7. Conair Satiny Women Electric Shaver

Conair Satiny is a dual foil electric shaver with two independent cutters. The shaver works best for legs, underarms, and bikini. Its hypoallergenic foils give you irritation-free shaving and smooth skin. Its handy and special design makes it get close to your skin and reach hard-to-reach areas like the bikini line. It is 100% waterproof wet and dry use shaver that can be used in the bath with foam or gel or for dry shaving.

The shaver features one pop-up trimmer for close and precise shaving of the bikini area especially the bikini line.  It is cordless and operates with a rechargeable battery. Its compact and fairly small design fits your handbag and it is suitable for travel.

Items Included

  • Conair Satiny Smooth Electric Shaver
  • A charger Stand
  • A cleaning brush

8. AUCEE Electric Razor for Women

The AUCEE Electric razor is one of the top-rated razors on Amazon with 93% of reviewers giving it five stars. The shaver has two hypoallergenic, high-speed stainless steel blades and one floating foil. You will experience super close and comfortable shaving without irritation and razor pain in any part of your body. The shaver comes up with a bikini trimmer to trim hair to the desired length on the bikini area. It charges quickly within just 2 hours and you will enjoy 70 minutes of cordless shaving.

The AUCEE is 100% waterproof and can be used in the shower or for dry shaving. It has built-in smart LED battery life display that displays battery status in percentage and a travel lock that provides protection from accidental starting up of the shaver while you are traveling.

Items Included

  • AUCEE Women Electric Razor
  • A bikini trimmer to trim on the bikini area
  • A USB charging cable that lets you plug and charge your shaver from your laptop, power bank, tablet or wall adapter
  • A protective cover to cover the head of your shaver during storage or travel
  • A cleaning brush

9. Brori Electric Razor for Women

The Brori is relatively less noisy than other similar electric shavers. It features three high-performance blades to quietly shave your arms and legs, armpits, and the bikini line. Its straight blade is for shaving longer hairs while the curved blade is for hard to reach areas like the bikini lines. Its floating foil is to shave stubble or peach fuzz.

The shaver is painless and irritation free which is ideal for sensitive skin. You will experience a close shave with its floating foil. It is 100% waterproof and whole body washable and suitable for either wet shaving in the shower or for dry shaving. The shaver has LED light to reveal the finest hairs for perfect hair removal. You will enjoy 60 minutes of cordless shaving after a full USB charge. Its simple and slim design will help you reach hard to reach areas and you can easily pack it in your handbag during traveling.

Items Included

  • The slim design Brori Electric Shaver
  • A charger stand
  • A USB cable for charging your shaver from a laptop, power bank or wall adapter
  • A cleaning brush

10.   Finishing Touch Flawless Legs Shaver

Flawless Legs is an instant and painless, everyday use legs shaver. It is safe for all skin and hair types. The shaver is ideal, especially for stubble and peach fuzz. It is a rotary shaver with four 18K gold plated heads. Its palm perfect design makes it perfect for shaving legs, ankles, and knees. The shaver’s built-in LED light reveals the tiniest hairs for super clean shaving. Flawless legs is a cordless dry shaver that you can use without water or gel. Charge it for an hour and enjoy 50 minutes of cordless shaving. It is compact and portable to take it anywhere with you.

Items Included

  • The Palm perfect design Finishing Touch Flawless Legs Shaver
  • Plastic protection cover
  • A USB charger
  • A cleaning brush

How to Get Your Hands on the Best Electric Shaver For Women

We all have different sensitivity levels to razors. If you have sensitive skin, electric shavers might be ideal hair removal methods, since one of the main advantages of using them is that the blades are not directly in contact with your skin which makes the shaving experience irritation and burn free.

There are a couple of main features that you should consider when buying electric razors so that you get your hands on the right shaver that suits your skin and hair type.

Mobile cordless electric razors are preferable       

Most electric shavers are mobile and cordless. They operate with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries or AA batteries. The shavers powered by AA batteries are more economical; however, you need to replace the batteries regularly. The ones that operate with rechargeable batteries are a popular choice for travel or home use. These shavers come up with a charger stand and/or a USB cable by which you can charge them from a wall adapter, laptop, power bank or any power source.  They offer you 30 to 1 hour of cordless shave after a full charge that might take anywhere from 1 to 12 hours. Some shavers allow quick 5 minutes charges for a single shave.

It is better you go for electric shavers with attachments

Shavers that come with attachments have extended functionality and extra convenience. Precision trimmer attachments help you reach hard-to-reach areas like the bikini line. They also help you trim hair to the desired length allowing you to create hairstyles and drawings.  

Go for a single body part or multi Purpose shavers depending on your need

Some shavers are designed primarily for specific parts of the body, such as Finishing Touch Flawless and Philips SatinShave Essential which are leg shavers, while other shavers are multi-purposed, whole body shavers that you can use for underarms, bikini area, legs or face. If you need to do a single body shave, the specific body shavers might suit you. If you need to do whole body shaving, you should go for all purposed shavers. Mostly, the multipurpose shavers are preferable, since buying specific shavers for different purposes is quite costly and take up considerable space in your bathroom.

Wet/Dry Shavers are a popular choice

Some electric razors are dry only razors that you can only use on completely dry skin, while most electric shavers are wet/dry shavers that you can use either in the shower with your favorite gel or foam or for dry shaving. Dry only shavers are cheaper than wet/dry shavers and they normally are quick and instant shavers.

Wet/dry shavers are a popular choice. Shaving in the shower is easier and painless since moisture softens hairs. It also saves time in the morning. If you have sensitive skin, shaving with foam or gel will save you from skin irritation or razor burns. In such situation, you should go for wet/dry shavers.  

Foil or Rotary shaver? Stick with what works best for you

If your hair is thick, you need to press in the shaver harder to get the smooth finish you want. Foil shavers work better in this situation. If your hairs are stubble or peach fuzz, you can remove them with the light circular movements that are recommended while using rotary shavers. However, as a general recommendation, stick with what works best for your skin.

Consider easy to clean shavers

Ease of cleaning is one of the features you should consider when buying electric razors. Time is a valuable asset. Given the time shaving takes up, you don’t want to spend more extra time cleaning your shaver. Depending on the type of shaver, cleaning methods differ. Foil razors are less time consuming and easier to clean than rotary razors. Most shavers have cleaning brushes included in the package. Some advanced models have a self-cleaning system that is quite time-saving. 

Compact and handy designs are an ideal choice

Women’s electric shavers are smaller and lighter than men shavers. They have come up with different shapes and designs. Look for the ones that feel comfortable to hold and make you able to reach hard-to-reach areas such as the bikini line. Compact designs are preferable since they are suitable to take them anywhere with you and they won’t take up bathroom space.

Cheaper isn’t always better

It is quite tempting to go for the cheapest razor but, you may get disappointed very soon. Good quality shavers might cost you a good amount upfront, but they will last for a long time.

7 Important Tips When Using Electric Shavers

1.If you are new for electric shavers, give your skin some time to adjust and get used to them. Most instruction manuals state it might take up to three weeks to get used to a new shaver that you have never used before. Take some time also to learn how to use it. Sooner, you will get a hang of it.

2. A particular shaver doesn’t perform exactly the same for everyone. We all are different. We have different skin, hair type and sensitivity levels for razors. Change your razor if you are not happy with it. You have many options out there.

3. Read and strictly follow instruction manuals. No one knows a product better than its manufacturer. All the information you have to know in order to use, maintain and clean your shaver is in the manuals.

4. When you see the blades of the shaver becoming dull, it is time to change them. If you are using the shaver for over a year and you are witnessing performance drops, it probably is the time for new blades.

5. Use a trimmer first to cut longer hairs, and then shave afterward. Mostly, electric shavers work best for shorter hairs and stubble. Maybe if you only want to remove peach fuzz and are not a regular shaver, you ought to go for cheaper models. You are required to spend extra if you have thick hair and are a regular shaver.

6. If you have sensitive skin, go for the top of the line shavers. Those more advanced and upgraded shavers will significantly reduce irritation and razor burns.

7. Don’t let a couple of bad reviews scare you away. Sometimes, some people who don’t know how to use an electric razor properly or who had bad experiences tend to write negative reviews about a product. If there are more positive reviews than negative, the razor probably is liked by many more people out there.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Electric Razor

To prolong the life of your razor, and to have a closer and best shave every time you use it, you need to keep it clean and safe. Hair, oil, and different chemicals will get stuck into the blades of your razor making them dull and bacteria might grow in your shaver and cause infection. Regular maintenance and cleaning will let you enjoy a healthy, closer, and optimum shaving experience every time you shave.  

  • Empty out the head of your razor and rinse it with water after every shave. Most razors come with a cleaning brush. Clean the head of your shaver with them after every shave. Always remove batteries before you start cleaning.
  • Lubricate your razor head with oil after you clean it. Lubrication oils reduce heat and make your shaving experience more comfortable.
  • Change or replace the blade every 12 to 14 months. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended time and replace the blades with the specific model of your razor.

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