Bellabe Facial Hair Remover Review – Instant DIY Facial Hair Removal

If you feel embarrassed or ashamed of facial hair, there is a solution. Made in the USA, Ballabe Facial Hair Remover is an epilator that removes facial hair from its roots. At just slightly below $20, it works perfectly to remove hair on cheeks, upper lip, and chin areas.

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Inside the Box

Inside the package you will find these two things;

  • Instructions on how to use and clean your Ballabe
  • A tube with a removable cap which holds the Ballabe. Take off the cap and the Ballabe spring will be removed from the inside.

Why Ballabe?         

These are some of the reasons why you should buy Ballabe;

  • First and for most, it is an inexpensive facial hair Removal tool that lets you enjoy smooth and clean skin instantly.
  • It is portable. You can take it anywhere with you. Perfect for travel and fits perfectly into your makeup bag or handbag.
  • Ballabe works perfectly on fine facial hair, however, with the right lengths, it bears perfect results with coarse hair as well.
  • It operates with simple Bend and Roll operation.
  • You can use your Ballabe anywhere on your face.
  • Anyone can use it. It is an instant and simple to use manual roller epilator and can be used as often as needed.
  • There is no need for a mirror once you master the technique.
  • There is no mess while using it, unlike shaving or Waxing.
  • You will enjoy smooth and hair-free skin for 2-4 weeks.
  • You might need weekly touchups to maintain smooth and soft skin.
  • It is preferable facial hair removal because it is very much less likely to cause skin damage, unlike waxing or shaving. There are no chemicals, creams, or lotion involved in the process which is safe for the skin.

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Before You Use Ballabe Facial Hair Remover

In order to prevent bacterial infection, you have to first clean your face before and after use. Taking a shower is a good idea. Make your skin completely dry before you begin.

How To Use It?

  • First, bend it in a downwards U shape
  • Roll it over your face while twisting its ends within your fingertips. Don’t twist the handles too fast so that you won’t break your hair.
  • Keep on rolling till the whole area becomes hair free

Does it Hurt?

If it is your first time for facial threading, you may experience discomfort/pain. The more you use it, the lesser the pain. Ballabe is an Epilator. It pulls several hairs from their roots and that creates a certain amount of pain. Depending on the thickness of your hair and the area of the face you are using it, the pain level decreases.

What to Expect?

After you remove your facial hair with Ballabe, the time will come to enjoy fair, smooth, and soft skin with no red bumps or stubble.

Where To Buy

Buy Ballabe Facial Hair Remover from Amazon.

Made in the USA

The Ballabe is proudly made in the USA. It’s overall production process, beginning from the planting to material selection for the spring is controlled with adherence to high-quality standards and certified to be safe for human skin.

How long Will You Have Your Ballabe?

According to the company, your Ballabe may serve you for 6 to 9 months. But depending on the frequency of use, you might be able to use it up to a year.

What Do People Think? (Customer reviews on Amazon)

Bought and used by thousands of customers on Amazon, the Ballabe has achieved top ratings by thousands of reviewers. Customers love that the Ballabe is an inexpensive easy to use tool that does the job just perfectly.

Epilators Or Waxing? Which One You Should Go For For Facial Hair Removal?

With technological advancements, many facial hair removal tools and techniques are available today. Epilators and waxing pull hair out from its roots below the surface of the skin, unlike shaving or creams which remove hair just above the surface of the skin. They both leave the skin smooth and clean for longer and reduce hair growth. So, which one you should go for? The following points might help you decide.

1. Relative to waxing using Epilators are easy to learn and use. You can use epilators at home quite easily. Waxing might require more learning to master the technique and hence you might need to use salon waxing till you know how to do it at home.

2. Pulling hair out of its roots can’t be painless especially if it is your first time. Both epilators and waxing hurt for the first time and the pain level lessen with regular use. Some people indicate waxing is more painful than epilation as it might need quick pulling of hair. Some waxing salons recommend taking pain relievers before 30 minutes to waxing to reduce pain. You don’t need pain relievers to uses epilators.

3. Even though both epilators and waxing leave the skin vulnerable to bacterial infection, using epilators is less risky than waxing. As you need to pull the wax strips out of the waxed area very quickly, that may remove the top surface of the skin which leaves the skin more vulnerable to bacterial infection.

4. Ingrown hair and red bumps are common side effects of waxing. With Epilators those are not situations that occur quite often.

5. With regard to time consumption, epilators seem quicker than waxing since waxing takes quite some time for preparation and carry out the whole procedure.

6. Waxing is more messy and difficult to clean while epilators are very easy to clean with a brush and sanitizers.

7. Epilators are easy to pack and ideal for traveling.

Final Verdict

Which one you should go for? That is very personal. If you want instant, clean, and mess-free hair removal with easy to learn techniques go for Epilators.

If you travel a lot, you have no better choice than epilators.

If you prefer your hair removal to be done with professionals and you seek results that last longer, go for waxing.

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