6 High-Quality Wigs for African Americans

As a natural hair girl, you do have countless style options that you can wear to glorify your black hair beauty. Natural hair wigs are the first choice you have to switch up your look and give your hair lovely styles you spot out on the street or over the Internet. They come in a variety of options with versatile styles, lengths, and colors. From a simple short kinky wig to an extra-long wig, or from half wig to full cap, you do have whole lots of options for achieving the spectacular styles you love.

In addition to the versatile styles they provide you, wigs help you protect your hair and grow it out. Washing, Combing, and styling put much stress on your hair. Over time this may cause breakage and hair loss. Wearing wigs protects your hair from over-manipulation and gives it some time to rest and repair itself. With your hair being moisturized and oiled underneath the wig, it gets all the rest and restoration time it needs.

Wig Construction – Synthetic or Human Hair Wigs

Synthetic wigs are the most common type of wigs you find in the market. They are made of plastic or acrylic fibers to mimic natural hair. The grade of their resemblance to natural hair may vary based on the manufacturer; however, with technological advancements, they have shown tremendous improvements in their design and construction.

Human hair wigs are real human hair mostly brought from China, India, and Brazil. After going through a cleansing and sanitation process, they are designed into a natural hair wig or extension. Human hair wigs have a longer lifespan than synthetic wigs and cost significantly more. They can be cut, colored or heat styled as desired. You can also wash and condition to maintain their appearance.

Wig Cap Construction – Full Cap, Lace Front Wigs, or Half cap

Full cap wigs are made to cover the entire head without leaving a single strand of your own hair. They are easy to put on and constructed with combs at the neck and front area. Full cap wigs are perfect for hair that is growing out and needs an extra layer to give style. After moisturizing do cornrow or flat twists. Then, simply wear the full cap wig and you are good to go.

Lace Front Wigs are specially designed wigs with a mini lace row at the front. Once they are glued with your scalp your hairline looks perfectly natural. Lace Front wigs are the most preferred type of wigs among many naturals as they provide a more natural look and are comfortable and secured.

Half wigs are put back on your hair to expose half of your natural hair and blend it to give a more natural and realistic look. They allow a section of your hair to be left out and help you achieve more length and volume. In order to make it more natural, choose a texture that is very close to your own hair.

6 Best Natural Hair Wigs

You have got lots of choices when shopping for natural hair wigs online. Based on thousands of customer reviews on Amazon, we have handpicked the following high-quality natural hair wigs for you.

1.  YEAME Short Curly Afro Wig

YEAME is a short afro curly wig. It is a full cap wig with two adjustable straps to adjust with different head sizes. It is a synthetic wig made with premium material to mimic natural hair. It feels soft on the touch, looks completely natural and stylish. It is comfortable, soft, and full when you wear it.

2.  Jessica Hair Lace Front Human Hair Wig

Jessica is 100% Brazilian Remy human hair wig. It is a front lace cap wig to give your hairline a completely natural look. It feels soft on the touch, tangle-free, and can be washed, conditioned, or combed. With proper care and maintenance, it can serve you for more than a year.

3. ANNIVIA Short Curly Wig

Annivia is a full cap synthetic wig. It is a short and loose curly wig for daily use. It has two adjustment straps inside to suit different head sizes. It is soft, tangle-free, lightweight, and can serve you long with proper care and maintenance.

4. Ainmeys short bob wigs

Ainmeys is a Brazilian curly wave natural hair wig with baby hair. It is a very soft and thick hair with no tangles and artificial color. You can straighten, bleach, or dye it according to your preferences.

5. Andromeda Afro Kinky Curly Wigs with Bangs

Andromeda is a shirt Afro kinky and Curly Synthetic wig made with high-temperature resistance fiber. It is soft, stylish, and full. It has two adjustable straps to fit any head size. You can use it daily, casually, or for any occasion.

6. Perstar 30” Lace Frontal Human Hair Wig

Perstar is a very long (30”) 100% human hair lace front wig. It is super soft, tangle-free, and full hair with a pre-plucked hairline and baby hair. Its Swiss Lace is invisible and breathable. You can use it for years with proper care and maintenance.

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